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You might be dying and not even realize it.

Just five days before Christmas 2013, I was driving down a dark, winding country road in Eastern North Carolina amid nothing but tobacco fields and farmland. Without warning, I slammed into the back of a dump truck, flipping my tiny Chevrolet S10 pickup truck on its side. As a result of my seatbelt's resistance (that saved my life), my colon was severed and I spent a total of 21 days in the hospital and had to endure a colostomy for three months. The troubling fact about my accident is that it could have been easily avoided.

You see, I wasn't paying attention to the road, instead I was scrolling through Instagram wishing I was anything and anyone but myself. Looking at people more successful, more buff, more talented, and more popular than me - I was consumed with comparison and it nearly killed me.

Chances are you haven't been in a tragic wreck because of your constant comparison of yourself to others, but you are still slowly allowing comparison to kill you nonetheless. In Sky Full of Stars: How Comparison Can Kill Your Light, a book that I wrote for you, I recount my accident and my journey to becoming not just content with who I am, but excited about who God made me to be. I hope my story will help you realize that God - who created galaxies and galaxies of stars, knows them by name, and calls them out each night - also sees you, created you, and breathed life into you. It’s my hope that you come to the realization that in a sky full of stars, God sees and loves you just for who you are.


"The gospel message is that in a sky full of stars, God sees you, counts you in, names you, and thinks you’re so special that he gave the best for you."




Chrétien Dumond is compassionate, creative, and completely original. Inspired by the tragedy that comparison has caused in his own life, Chrétien spends his time encouraging others to be the original, unique person that God created them to be. Born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. Chrétien and his wife Mallory live in Eastern North Carolina with their young son Davis. They are foster parents, and Chrétien spends much of his time mentoring young people, and serving his city and community. 



"Dare to be different... Dare to stand out."